Do not doubt me on this. The Occupy Wall Street movement is not a movement. It is a brilliant plan to re-elect Barak Obama and finish the “fundamental transformation” of America permanently into a Socialist-leftist state. The idea of individual liberty will be history. It was launched last September by brilliant leftists who, if violinists, would be world class. They are playing the media, the Republican establishment (think John McCain) and millions of Americans like a Stradivarius. This was organized in coordination with the White House from the beginning. The actors have only contempt for America’s founders and they have only contempt for you.

Don’t doubt me on this and don’t doubt they expected from the beginning that the Republican opposition will be led by Mitt Romney. Romney is the perfect face for the 1%. They will wrap Wall Street, corporate greed and home foreclosures right around Romney so tightly they’ll be right between Mitt and Ann in bed.

In their “letter to America” they have this paragraph:

We are at a crossroads as a country. We have a choice to make. Greater wealth for a few or opportunity for many. Tax breaks for the richest or a fair shot for the rest of us. A government that can be bought by the highest bidder, or a democracy that is truly of the people, by the people, and for the people.

If they are successful—and they expect to be—they will be the few with the wealth and they will be the rich. More importantly, they will have the power and the people will have a future of poverty and squalor. Who are these people? They are a who’s who of the American radical left. (Not including members of the Obama Administration and hundreds of elected Democrats who do not show up as signers.)


Sarita Gupta
Jobs With Justice

Bob King
United Auto Workers

George Goehl
National Peoples Action

Ai-jen Poo
National Domestic Workers Alliance

Justin Ruben

Joy Cushman & Judith Freeman
New Organizing Institute

Liz Butler
Movement Strategy Center

John Sellers and Andrew Boyd
The Other 98%

Mary Kay Henry
Service Employees International Union

Van Jones and Natalie Foster
Rebuild the Dream

John Wilhelm

Phil Radford

John Cavanagh
Institute for Policy Studies

Scott Reed
PICO National Network

Tracy Van Slyke and Ilana Berger
New Bottom Line

Leo Gerard
United Steel Workers

Daniel Cantor
Working Families Party

Larry Cohen
Communications Workers of America

Victor Sanchez Jr
United States Student Association

Becky Tarbotton
Rainforest Action Network

Randi Weingarten
American Federation of Teachers

Brian Kettenring
Leadership Center for the Common Good

Randy Jackson

Saket Soni
National Guestworker Alliance

Bill McKibben and May Boeve

Sharon Lungo and Megan Swoboda
The Ruckus Society

Ian Inaba
Citizen Engagement Lab

Patrick Reinsborough and Doyle Canning
smartMeme Strategy & Training Project

Rachel LaForest
Right to the City Alliance

Brigid Flaherty
Pushback Network

Richard Hopson
Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment

Tim Carpenter
Progressive Democrats of America

Bob Callahan
Change to Win

Michael Leon Guerrero
Grassroots Global Justice Alliance

Roger Hickey
Campaign for America’s Future

Aaron Ostrom
Fuse Washington

Jeff Ordower
Missourians Organizing for Reform and Empowerment

Karen Scharff
Citizen Action of New York

Marianne Manilov

Bruce Klipple
United Electrical Workers Union

Pablo Alvarado
National Day Laborers Organizing Network

LeeAnn Hall
Alliance for a Just Society

Leslie Moody
The Partnership for Working Families

Teresa Cheng
United Students Against Sweatshops

Arturo Carmona

And now,

That’s right, the test is successfully completed. Call it the “Fluke Test.” The well conceived, planned and executed test began January 7 with a Republican Primary debate question from George Stephanopoulos of ABC to Governor Mitt Romney on the risk of states denying women birth control. News reports at the time said the question was a Non Sequitur. Wrong.

The thug Obama Administration HHS proceeded with orders to employers to cover the cost of contraceptives. The Catholic Church (including its hospitals, schools, universities etc.) balked. Obama “compromised” saying the Churche’s insurance could pay for the contraceptives which of course would become part of the premiums charged the Church. It culminated in the past two weeks as the

Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman, Republican Darrell Issa, sprang into action holding a Committee hearing February 16th to define and then  insure the Church its Constitutional protection from the thug Obama HHS guaranteed in the first Amendment. To the shock of Issa’s Republicans the Democrats were ready. They brought two women to testify on “Reproductive rights.” Issa did not let them in. Even better for Democrats. The entire world saw reports that Republican men were making “reproductive rights” decisions while denying any voice to women.

But last week the Democrats contrived a hearing and brought in an erstwhile little co-ed from Georgetown University, Sandra Fluke who related her story of hardship and denial. But Fluke was quickly identified as a 30 year old Law student who enrolled at Georgetown specifically to “fight for reproductive justice.” No matter; the democrats and the Fraud Media proceeded as if a state of crisis will exist in America until the Catholic Church and every employer pays for their new entitlement, lifetime contraceptives. They were on a roll.

But Rush Limbaugh weighed in. In his takedown of this fraud, Rush pointed out that Fluke wanted to be paid $3000 to have sex. He proclaimed that would make her a prostitute or sl*t. The comment went viral. Every liberal in the Fraud Media and the Democratic Party was of course “outraged.” It was revealed that a compassionate Obama called Fluke to console her. Demands were fired at flatfooted lock jawed Republican Congressional leaders to condemn Rush. Advertisers were reportedly fleeing Rush; he took the unusual step of issuing a full throated apology Saturday.

The Democrats now know their system is ready and working and they know the Republicans are clueless on this new battlefield between the makers and takers in America. You and I know it too. We did see Romney sidestep this issue pretty adroitly Friday and Saturday and Speaker Gingrich took the whole project apart without breaking a sweat Sunday for NBC’s insufferable David Gregory. But the Democrats will seamlessly go back to Wall Street, corporate greed and home foreclosures as well as their other class warfare passions.

Is there hope? If you are not committed and working for Speaker Gingrich, you better hope enough others (patriotic Americans) are. Then hope Republican Congressional leaders learn how to handle the media from Newt.

Other events in the next 7 months could destroy Obama. One example is a possible Obama “9-9-9 plan” by Labor Day.

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Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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