America Engaged the Nations of the World from the Beginning.

America began actively trading across the world from the beginning of our constitutional government. Early on (by Washington’s second term) American ships were attacked by MUSLIN JIHADISTS known as Barbary Pirates. In the first years, war-weary America followed England (and others) trying to get by with bribery. Seeing that as unacceptable for America, President Adams began to build the United States Navy.

Projecting American power and will, President Jefferson responded to continuing Jihadist attacks in 1805 and America’s first war, the “Ten Year Barbary Wars” commenced. By 1815 the jihadists had been beaten into submission ending the “Barbary Wars.” But America’s active place among nations was established. Just eight years later the Monroe Doctrine established the United States of America as protector of the entire Western Hemisphere. The 20th Century was the American Century as America led the “Free World” against evil.

America is the light of God given Liberty in this World of darkness. This is our DNA. This is our calling. But in 2009, we were introduced to another direction—another policy. The Administration (and for two years, the Congress) saw us as just another country and Liberty as the problem. It is fair to describe the American foreign policy under Obama as, “If you are our Enemy, shame on us, if you are our friend, shame on you.” Half way through 2012, friend and foe alike see America as weak and in decline. This must not stand. The 21st Century must be an American century. The election of the men and women of the 2012 Liberty List will strengthen the House and change the Senate. But we must replace the disastrous President Obama and, the most important thing—we need vision. Fortunately, Governor Romney has more than met the task. Just Tuesday, July 24, Governor Romney had his most inspiring moment as he laid out a vision for an American century of progress and freedom. Read the complete text here. Please watch this entire inspiring vision for America.

About Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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