In the best of circumstances, the 113th Congress will be in more constitutionally minded and managed by the somewhat less troubling Republicans. In the 2013 best of circumstances, Governor Mitt Romney will be President of the United States. In these best of circumstances the end of American sovereignty is likely to be very close at hand and our 2012 Liberty Lister, new in the congress, will be face to face with that reality.

How could that happen? How could that be? It is because those who seek power, as they always have, cannot tolerate Liberty. They never have and they never will. In the ‘Critical Issue” post just yesterday we said of America’s situation at the close of this Obama term, “It is fair to describe the American foreign policy under Obama as, ‘If you are our Enemy, shame on us, if you are our friend, shame on you.’ Half way through 2012, friend and foe alike see America as weak and in decline.”

One would think, with hard work, our policy direction can and will be corrected. Unfortunately many of those who work for the end of American sovereignty are American citizens in responsible positions right here in America. They are international secularists. They control the Democrat party, our foreign policy departments, most foreign policy lobbyists and the Washington Republican establishment. They own our major media in all its forms, the major high tech digital and Internet companies, and most big Blue Chip corporations. They control more than 90% of our entire educational establishment. They control the big public and industrial unions. They have enormous influence within many Christian and Jewish denominations. What you have just read may be understated. Think about that. You may want to reread this paragraph.

Right now there are five United Nations treaties waiting for the United Senate to ratify them making them a virtual part of our constitution. Nearly all Senate Democrats and many Senate Republicans are determined to see those ratified in the post-election “lame duck” session. Those treaties are designed and intended to end American Sovereignty. Senator Jim DeMint leads the effort to marshall 34 votes within the Senate to defeat those treaties. DeMint and those who join him need your prayers. The 2012 Liberty List Senate candidates will be selected with this matter in mind. We must help them win election.

Update: (July 28, 2012)INHOFE AND DEMINT: U.N. treaties mean LOST U.S. sovereignty.

There is an equally powerful and equally dark force expanding exponentially across the world and infiltrating into the very fabric of America. It is Islam. To call it radical Islam would be redundant. The worldwide Muslim population is nearly 1.5 billion people and growing. “Ummah” is the term for all Muslims worldwide regardless of their personal views and regardless of where the live. The Organization of Islamic Cooperation, comprised of 56 Islamic states and Palestine, claims to speak for the Ummah. No one seriously questions that they do. Their purpose is to destroy Israel and America and establish a worldwide ruling Islamist Caliphate.

The men and women of the 2012 Liberty List who take their place in the 113th Congress, must be prepared to face these twin challenges. They must be made of the strength, courage and faith that sustains and animates Senator DeMint and Congresswoman Bachmann. There can be no question about their integrity and character. Like you, they should read broadly and deeply about these two dark forces. The most critical two books for them—and you—to devour immediately are Dick Morris’ Screwed and Andrew C. McCarthy’s The Grand Jihad. Here is a key quote from The Grand Jihad—pages 16-17:

Like the neocommunist, the Islamist works to impose his version of “social justice.” It is a very specific Islamic prescription, and elements of it diverge markedly from the neocommunist’s more amorphous utopia. But the essentials of their visions coalesce: they are totalitarian, collectivist, and antithetical to the core concept of American constitutional democracy, individual liberty

Consider the entire Screwed table of contents: 

PART ONE: A World Without Democracy 

America Without Sovereignty .

Bureaucrats and Bankers Triumphant:

How the Fed Took Over the Economy                  

How France and Germany Are Trying to Take Control of Our Economy                                 

The IMF’s Assault on the Dollar                   

Action Agenda                              

PART TWO: Trick or Treaties: How the European Union Is Preempting Congress and Binding Us Through International Treaties                            

Our Constitution and Sovereignty Repealed: The International Criminal Court

The Threat Offshore: The Law of the Sea Treaty

Gun Control in Disguise: The Proposed UN Small Arms Treaty

The European Union Wants to Stop Littering in Space

The United Nations Tells Us How to Raise Our Kids

Bureaucratic Regulation Triumphant: The United Nations’ War on the Automobile               

Action Agenda                                 

PART THREE: China                                 

The Pirates of Beijing                           

The Obama Administration’s Policy of Appeasing China Is Hurting the United States                       

Quiet Diplomacy Isn’t Working                       

China’s Unfair Trade Practices Are Prolonging Our Recession.

Letting China into the World Trade Organization Was a Huge Mistake                                    

China Wins by Cheating, Stealing, Lying, and Ripping Us Off 

China’s Rulers Need Economic Growth to Stay in Power     

China Moves Back to the Left                        

What China Wants, It Steals                          

China Steals Our Technology                         

China Steals Our Military Technology                   

China Has the Biggest Spying Operation in the World      

Hacking Our Technology                             

Hacking Our National Security                    

Disabling America

Cloke-and-Dagger Spying                        

How China Forces US Companies to Share Technology as the Price of Admission                         

Chinese Currency Manipulation                  

Action Agenda                           

PART FOUR: Pakistan                           

With Friends Like These, You Don’t Need Enemies    

Pakistan Sheltered bin Laden                    

Pakistan Backs Terror Attacks Against Americans     

“The Most Anti-US Population” in the World         

How Pakistan Came to Hate Us

Our Aid Keeps Pakistan Alive

Action Agenda

PART FIVE Afghanistan

Lives and Money Down the Drain 

The World’s Second Most Corrupt Country

World’s Largest Producer of Opium

Action Agenda

PART SIX: Saudi Arabia

Our Bargain with the Devil

Saudi Human Rights? None! 

The United States Props Up Saudi Arabia 

The Global Bank for Islamic Terrorism

Wahhabism: Islamic Fascism, Saudi-Style                

The Saudis’ Financial Jihad Against the West       

Saudi Money Buys Jimmy Carter and Other Influential Americans           

Action Agenda                                

PART SEVEN: The United Nations of Corruption           

A Former Federal Prosecutor Digs Up Corruption at the United Nations                                

The United Nations Solves the Problem by Firing the Prosecutor                             

The United Nations Cripples Its Investigative Arm          

Another UN Anticorruption Agency Bites the Dust          

Yet Another One Goes Down                          

Meanwhile, Ban Ki-moon, the UN Secretary-General, Spends the Money We Donate Freely: No Budget Cuts for Him!.

Where’s the Missing $12.2 Billion the United Nations Won’t Account For?                                 

The UN Information System That Doesn’t Work

No Whistle-Blowing at the United Nations

UN Third World Nations Support the Corruption, and Profit from It               

Action Agenda                               

PART EIGHT: The World Bank                        

The Third World Drug Pusher                         

Aid Feels So Good to Give, but It Doesn’t Work           

Trade and Investment Are How to End Poverty           

Action Agenda                              

PART NINE: Foreign Aid: Biting the Hand That Feeds Them…

Countries That Get Our Aid Don’t Need or Don’t Deserve It  

The United States Leads the Global Fight Against Poverty by Letting in Imports

Foreign Aid Doesn’t Help

Do We Buy Influence with Our Foreign Aid? Not Really

The Countries That Get Our Aid Hate Us

Action Agenda

PART TEN In Our Backyard The Chavez-Ahmadinejad Alliance

Iran and Venezuela A Marriage Made in Hell

Chavez’s Empire in Latin America

Iranian-Venezuelan Cyberattacks on the United States?

Chavez Violates UN Sanctions Against Iran

The Iranian Threat Comes to Our Backyard

Action Agenda

PART ELEVEN: The Enemy Within

Foreign Governments Lobbying for Special Favors            

Why Don’t We Prohibit Foreign Lobbying?                

The New Career Path: From Congressional Leader to Lobbyist.

Former House Leader Bob Livingston Lobbied for Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi                                 

Richard Perle, Former Undersecretary of Defense, May Have Flacked for Gaddafi, Too                     

US Companies Lobbied to Protect Gaddafi’s Assets from Being Seized by Terror Victims                      

Dick Gephardt, Populist Crusader. . . Until He Gets Paid Off

Dick Gephardt, China’s New Best Friend               

Sometimes, Foreign Lobbyists Are Working Against Our Interests             

Action Agenda                             




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