In her keynote address to CPAC 2014 Sarah Palin characterized our time as “this present great awakening.” She has used the term “This present great awakening” in major speeches for five years.  Thoughtful believers and nonbelievers alike could declare they see no evidence for Gov Palin’s declaration. There are no Billy Graham type crusades. There are no revivals sweeping America. Christian priests and pastors keep their heads down. But, brothers and sisters, lads and lasses, Jesus is walking in America!


When I heard the term “Jesus is walking” It had an immediate impact. For example, Barbara, my closest prayer partner  and I immediately decided to “walk with Jesus.” We quickly agreed that, in all we do together, to walk with Jesus as well. We cannot be alone in our conscience decision. More importantly, millions who have never heard the term “walking with Jesus” never-the-less walk with Him daily. They are all over America and, indeed, all around the world!

Jesus is walking at the University of Minnesota

It may be tough to find a more stridently secular place in Minnesota than the University of Minnesota. But this banner hangs high on Maranatha House right on “fraternity row.”

At U of MN

This is exciting. Even more exciting is the certain knowledge thousands of students and staff at the University of Minnesota, and tens of millions scattered


throughout all other secular bastions, are walking with Jesus! They are walking daily at Iowa State University where the University removed all Holy Bibles from the Memorial Union Hotel.

Jesus is walking across the world 

And do not forget the inspiring example of Meriam Yahya Ibrahim Ishag who is walking with Jesus in a Sudanese prison. Her crime is she refuses to renounce Jesus. She was jailed with her toddler son while pregnant.

With Children She gave birth in prison to a little daughter. Both children are jailed with Ms Ishag. She has been sentenced to 100 lashes then hanging. International pressure may yet save her but she is testimony that the price of walking with Jesus can be very high. If you are moved, join me in putting this brave Christian soldier in your prayers.

No question Sarah Palin is correct; we are indeed living in a great awakening!


About Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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