Sarah Palin has been referring to “This present great awakening” in major speeches since 2009. But there seems to be no evidence for such a claim. Thoughtful believers and nonbelievers alike could declare they see no evidence for Gov Palin’s declaration. There are no Billy Graham type crusades. There are no revivals sweeping America. Christian priests and pastors keep their heads down. Furthermore the 1947 illegal Supreme Court ruling in Everson v. Board of Education has over more than 60 years driven religion (with the exception of Islam) almost entirely from the American culture and society.

Without God—the JudeoChristian God—there could have been no course but the disintegration of morality and virtue that has happened; there could have been no hope that we would not become the ignorant nation we have become.

But wait! God didn’t get the memo! The sovereign creator of the universe is here! The author of Liberty is here! The savior of our fallen and hopelessly sinful race is here! Yes, brothers and sisters, lads and lasses, Jesus is walking in America! He walks with


every single person who has accepted his gift of life! I predict that in 2015 more and more Americans will publicly acknowledge they are walking with their redeemer and their friend and their Lord!

This is the year that God begins a spectacular comeback in America! The comeback will not be announced in the pulpit or the church but in the hearts of believers! They will join organizations and efforts already at work to bring restoration of morality and virtue. Here are a few examples:


  •      Hillsdale College
  •      Institute on the Constitution
  •      National Center for Learning and Civic Engagement
  •      Just rolling out: Project on Christian Citizenship
  •      And never forget so many vital local Tea Party organizations

Be sure to look for others who have been prepared and led to act in leadership. Lastly millions will be in steadfast prayer It will show this year!

Have a happy and blessed 2015 and may you be led to act towards America’s restoration!

About Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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