This is sadly the second of three posts on the incalculable disaster when the College of Cardinals made Jorge Mario Bergoglio Pope

PART II Francis the Pope of the fake science, apparently for the purpose of international redistribution.

According to Catholic  online, “This March, following a visit to the Philippines, Pope Francis will publish an encyclical on the environment that insiders say will tackle the issue of global warming head on.” Some “head on” points the Pope is reported to make include:

  • He hopes to “chagrin conservatives in the U.S. who generally believe that global warming is a hoax.”
  • He hopes the encyclical to show the Church “is concerned with Truth, not political preferences.”
  • He hopes to show “American political conservatives that Pope Francis defies all attempt to label him as one thing or another. He is neither conservative, nor liberal, but he is Catholic.”
  • “The coming encyclical is informed by the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Sciences, the world’s single-longest running scientific mission. The institution has already affirmed that global warming is real and a threat to people around the world, especially in developing nations.” 
  • The cause is also beyond doubt. Humans are dumping quantities of CO2 into the atmosphere faster than nature can absorb it, leading to global warming.”  

If this were not the leader of the Roman Catholic Church it would be funny. The “world’s single-longest running scientific mission” should permanently shut its doors.  Why would the Bishop of Rome want to chagrin anyone outside of the Church or within? Since there is no scientific evidence to support either “scientific” claim in the bullets above, it is sad to read, the Pope hopes the encyclical to show the Church “is concerned with Truth.” The Church should be the leading proponent of Truth in the world. Jesus said, “I am the Truth.” The claim the encyclical is concerned with Truth sadly makes the Pope and the Church look ridicules—either inept or ignorant or both. Or worse, the Pope is knowingly promoting a lie and calling it Truth in the name of Jesus! This is tragic!

Equally tragic is the attempt to “defy all attempts to label him as one thing or another. He is neither conservative, nor liberal, but he is Catholic.” If the encyclical is as represented in the article, the more accurate labels would be liar, Marxist, enemy of Christ! I cannot imagine how this could be more disastrous and sad.

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Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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