Egyptian President Sisi had virtually and functionally declared a revolution of light against darkness in Islam!

Egypts al-Sisi.2

Perhaps you hadn’t heard of Egyptian president Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. He has been in power only a few months. Perhaps you only remember the “Arab Spring” in Egypt. Before we get to President al-Sisi, Let’s have a quick review of President Obama and the Arab Spring.

Wahhabi and Muslim Brotherhood have sewn or fermented resentment across the Sunni Middle East and supported international terrorism for at least four decades. The Obama government had been looking for a way to “establish democracy” in Middle Eastern countries since coming to power in 2009. A vendor, who had his cart ransacked by government thugs in Tunisia, burned himself to death in January 2011. It was the opportunity Obama was looking for. He threw certain somewhat clandestine U.S. operatives and support behind revolution in Libya and Egypt as well as Tunisia.

Libyan dictator Gaddafi was able to resist U.S. backed al Qaeda linked forces. In Egypt, the U.S. was backing what seemed to be a popular uprising led by Facebook’s top Middle East man, Wael Ghonim, an Egyptian national who conceived and built a Facebook network of disaffected mostly young Egyptians. Within two weeks he had 400,000 in the network and the Tahrir Square demonstration erupted January 25, 2011. About three weeks later Mubarak was gone, the Egyptian army was running the country and 1 million “pro-democracy” demonstrators gathered at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Tahrir Square. Google man Ghonim, went to Egypt take his place as the leader of this popular uprising. He did not get within a block of the platform. He was shut off by a squad working for the intellectual and spiritual leader of the Muslin Brotherhood, banned Sheikh Yusuf al Qaradawi who returned to Egypt to claim victory for the MB and Allah.

In little more than a year Muslin Brotherhood political leader Mohamed Morsi was elected a new president of a civilian government that would soon have a “constitution.” The Muslim Brotherhood now ruled Egypt. President Obama and the American government swung into action and delivered billions in aid and several new jet fighters.

Shariah law was now strictly enforced in Egypt and the government stood by as Coptic churches were burned and Christians were slaughtered. Israel was declared enemy number 1 and the American government stood silently by. But Egyptians were hardly ready for living under a Shariah dictatorship. Little more than a year later demonstrations reached a level that paralyzed the country. Morsi was driven from office. The military restored order and governed the country until early summer last year when the government was turned over to civilian rule. General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi was elected president.

This development and President Sisi was not welcomed by the Obama regime. American aid dried up. Now little more than six months later, President Sisi has declared a revolution of modernization and cooperation never imagined.

President el-Sisi spoke at al-Azhar University in Cairo to a gathering of top Egyptian Imams and Islamic scholars New Years day.

Ben Barrak writing at declared, “If you had to name a university in the world that is ground zero for Islamic fundamentalist teaching, Al-Azhar University in Egypt would certainly qualify.” Remember this is the place President Obama chose to make his surrender to Islam in 2009.

Al-Sisi courageously challenged the very core beliefs of those scholars when he implied it was a ridiculous notion that 1.6 billion Muslims should murder 5.4 billion non-Muslims. Barrak reported el-Sisi drew a line of distinction between religion and ideology when it comes to Islam saying his speech was a diplomatic assault on Muslim fundamentalism from the heart of his country’s source of such thinking. Please watch and re-watch this incredible declaration:

Then incredibly, and even more courageously, last Wednesday, January 7, He visited St. Mark’s Coptic Orthodox Cathedral to observe their celebration of Christmas where he saluted Pope Tawadros II and spoke to the congregation. St Mark’s would be like the Roman Catholic Vatican for Coptic Orthodox Christians. Michael Antaki has reported this event at The American Thinker. Please read it all. You can also see the scene as President Sisi enters the Cathedral for the celebration of Christmas Mass This will bring many to tears:

Make no mistake Jesus was walking in that Cathedral and this man stepped right in front of the worldwide Caliphate and millions are outraged. He desperately needs a U.S. president to stand with him. There is none.  It seems, Muslim though he is, he desperately needs your Christian or Jewish prayers.

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