In my January 5, 2015 post, A Vision For 2015, I predicted we would see evidence this year of a return of Christianity to the public square and the beginning of our National restoration. Other things are happening at an incredible rate. Last year notable movies were released including Heaven is for Real, God’s Not Dead, Son of God, and America Imagine the World Without Her.

Now, less than a month into 2015 we already have two movies that will help with our National restoration or challenge many to a renewal of faith.

First the blockbuster opening of American Sniper with a record shattering opening weekend box office: $105.3 million.

Am Sniper.1

It is the story of Navy Seal Chris Kyle who had more kills than any other American sniper and saved thousands of lives in his four tours in Iraq. This story takes you into Mr. Kyle’s personal life.

Here is the Official Trailer for American Sniper. Check it out:

Secondly Tim Mahoney, a Minnetonka, MN filmmaker who I knew years ago, introduced his new documentary, Patterns of Evidence with one night only in selected theaters last night. You can order it now on DVD.


Here is the trailer. Take a look:

Things are moving in 2015!

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Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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