Several speakers (potential candidates) established powerful credentials. Keep in mind seven other potential top tier candidates were not at the Summit. We’ll make your look at seven of those at the Summit easy and publish them here.


Former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina was absolutely profound. She is seeking the Presidency. But we would be profoundly blessed if she serves in any high office as we restore America. Here are some wonderful examples:

  • “… and I know that it is still true that it is only in the United States of America that a young woman can start as a secretary and become the Chief Executive Officer of the largest technology company in the world.”
  • “It is this hypocrisy in liberals that enrages me most.”
  • “I know from my own battle with cancer that sometimes the greatest blessings in life come from times of struggle and that the quality of life is measured in love.”
  • “We know that work brings dignity and family brings purpose and faith brings meaning to our lives.”
  • “I know Bibi Netanyahu and I know when he warns us that Iran is a threat to our nation and to his, we must listen.”

She can also throw a zinger and she can land it. “Like Hillary Clinton I have also traveled hundreds of thousands of miles around the world but unlike her, I have actually accomplished something.” Ms Fiorina may have extra motivation for that zinger. A spot on the Web called “Fire Andrea Mitchell” asks, “Did Hillary Clinton steal Book Cover design, title from Carly Fiorina?”

HRC stole Carly's cover.2

Carly Fiorina surely has a steeper hill to climb than many other potential candidates. One of at least three reasons is, regrettably, simply because she is a woman. As a result of cancer diagnosed in 2009, like me, Ms. Fiorina has experienced the cancer trifecta of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. If she does not make it to the Presidency, she would be powerfully effective in the Vice Presidency or several other key high offices. She is an extremely valuable American asset. You’ll love her speech to the Iowa Freedom Summit folks. Here it is:

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