Several speakers (potential candidates) established powerful credentials. Keep in mind six other potential top tier candidates were not at the Summit. For seven of those at the Summit, we’ll publish them here, making your look at each easier.

Get ready for twenty minutes of sound bites every flag waving America loving conservative wants—longs to hear delivered in the way we need to hear—with hope and confidence. Governor Perry can accurately but humbly boast that, during his stewardship as Texas’ Governor, Texas set the best record of growth, productivity and good governance in the nation. By itself, that is a significant recommendation for a Governor Rick Perry 2016 presidential candidacy. He lays out his exciting vision for the future with passion and conviction. Here are a few high points:


“We’re here to restore America to its central idea. Freedom. Freedom is God’s gift to mankind and America’s gift to the world. Freedom made us the most productive nation in the world. America is and always will be the last great hope for a free world.

“It’s not enough for conservatives to be an opposition force. We’ve got to offer a vision for the future. To get America moving again, let’s expand energy production, reduce the tax code, cut regulation on small businesses and control the size and scope of government.

“This administration has chosen to abandon our friends and weaken our alliances. That’s what this president is doing. Think about our friends that have been abandoned. Take Israel. When talks between Israel and the Palestinians fell apart, did we stand with our greatest ally in the Middle East? No! Unnamed administration sources were quoted attacking the Israeli Prime Minister. And I might add the Secretary of State compared Israel to the apartheid regime of South Africa. That is not the America I know. The America I know stands for freedom and stands with Israel!

“What is needed at this time in history is a clear vision for the world with America leading again and freedom on the march again. On the most pressing issues of our time from jobs to energy security to National security, we need new leadership. There is nothing wrong with America today that can’t be fixed with new leadership.”

You will be moved as Governor Perry’s vision and hope stirs your own. Enjoy:


About Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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