Senator Cruz’ warmup, more than effective, powerfully gave him the right to speak. Samples:

  • After spending the week in Washington DC
  • “It is great to be back in America.
  • “We are living in a time of change. A couple of weeks ago I ran into a Capitol janitor carrying a screwdriver who was coning to change the sign on Harry Reid’s door.
  • “Today was the 50th anniversary of Winston Churchill’s passing. … One of the first things President Obama did was send the bust [given America by the United Kingdom] of Churchill back.”

Senator Cruz established a great platform from which to deliver, perhaps, the most powerful and effective vision for America at the 2015 Iowa Freedom Summit:


“What I want to talk about to you today is the miracle that ignited America. America was built on an extraordinary miracle. The miracle of America began with a revolutionary idea that our rights don’t come from government. They come from God almighty. And the Constitution, as Jefferson said, is chains to bind the mischief of government.

“This country was built on incredible opportunity that if you’re a single mom waiting tables you can do anything. If you’re a teenager washing dishes you can do anything. There has been no country in the history of the world that has allowed so many millions with nothing to come and seek the unlimited dream of their potential. And third, the miracle has been American Exceptionalism—that we are the indispensable nation that is the clarion voice for freedom.”

Watch it all:

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Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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