As I write this (10:30 pm March 17 CDT), Prime Minister Netanyahu has turned what looked like a loss as recently as Monday into a huge win. With nearly all votes counted, Netanyahu’s Likud Party has won 30 seats and apparently formed a coalition with at least 61 seats for a majority. Congratulations to the leading voice for freedom in the world.

Bibi Winner

The anti-Semite American President, Barak Obama, had secretly led a coalition of mostly Jewish very wealthy Americans with $millions and top Democrat campaign specialists to defeat the Prime Minister.

Pamela Geller just wrote:

Despite Obama’s interference, V15, missions spent by the State Department and Obama’s Jews at the New Israel Fund and Alisa Doctoroff, Karen Adler, the Carole Zabar, the Bronfman Foundation, David Hochberg, The Jewish Communal Fund, Edith Everett, Rosenzweig Coopersmith Foundation, Max and Andre Leichtag, Geoffrey Biddle, David Eisner, President and CEO of Repair the World, the Leichtag Foundation, the Kathryn Ames Foundation, and so many others — the good triumphed.

But this American interference in Israel’s election is not settled. Netanyahu has tens of thousands of members of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee ready to work on behalf of a free, secure Israel.

The anti-Israeli Obama must be in a rage. We should be concerned about Obama acts of retribution against Israel. Oh wait. Geller reported Monday that Obama has already acted once refusing to renew the 40 year old emergency oil supply agreement with Israel.

The US has not renewed a historic agreement under which it guaranteed a supply of oil to Israel in emergencies, that is, instances in which Israel might be cut off from its regular commercial sources of oil because of war or closure of sea lanes. The agreement expired in November 2014, and since then the US administration has done nothing to renew it, Washington sources told “Globes”.

For the next 22 months we have the reality of America being for international security, freedom, and a strong prosperous and free Israel while led by a Regime set on building a partnership with the number one state sponsor of terrorism in the world, Iran. With Bibi Netanyahu in office, we Americans will have an effective world leader who speaks with Churchillian clarity.

Did you miss his address to the Congress? Check it out now:

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Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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