I agree with Joel B. Pollak, “In fact, [Netanyahu’s] victory is the first brick in the foundations of the post-Obama era.” Before I proceed with my comments on that (you will be shocked), let’s see a little sample of the anti-Semitic hate that rages in the Obama Regime and throughout most Western centers of power.

No better example than the Jewish anti-Semites at the New York Times. Here is the leftist tantrum of Isabel Kershner:

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Deep Wounds and Lingering Questions After Israel’s Bitter Race

JERUSALEM — Benjamin Netanyahu was poised to return to power. But there was a cloud over his apparent turnaround, the result of an increasingly shrill campaign that raised questions about his ability to heal Israel’s internal wounds or better its standing in the world.

He said there would be no Palestinian state under his watch.

He railed against Israeli Arabs — because they had gone out to vote.

From the capitals of Europe, to Washington, to the West Bank, to the streets of Israel, even while his critics said Mr. Netanyahu had reaffirmed his reputation as a cynical, calculating politician, it appeared that his approach succeeded in drawing votes from other right-leaning parties.

But along the way he angered the president of the United States with a speech to Congress and infuriated European leaders eager to see the peace process move ahead to create a Palestinian state.

David Axelrod, President Obama’s former senior adviser, said Tuesday evening on Twitter that Mr. Netanyahu’s last-minute stand against a Palestinian state might have helped ensure him another victory. “Tightness of exits in Israel suggests Bibi’s shameful 11th-hour demagoguery may have swayed enough votes to save him. But at what cost?” he wrote.

I have never seen such a mindboggling misleading of readers in such few words in my life. Let us be clear, this was not the NYT editorial board (that is coming), we are supposed to accept this as news.

I think I read this above, “Netanyahu mounted an increasingly shrill campaign that raised questions about his ability to better Israel’s standing in the world.” No. Israel’s standing in the world is fueled by three things, jealousy, anti-Semitism and Islamic hatred. I have no idea why Ms Kershner could be jealous but she is obviously a sympathizer of Islamic hate and domination. Obviously right along with President Obama, she is a rabid (Jewish?) anti-Semite.

How could Netanyahu (or anyone) anger President Obama with a speech to Congress? Oh, I know. It had to start some other way than a speech. Golly I remember now, Obama entered office with a hate for Israel and Netanyahu personifies Israel’s best. Then, Israel is in the way as much as Congress, for a President who intends to capitulate to Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood so as to establish a new order in the Middle East. Sure enough, although it is not anger, Obama is filled with rage and it didn’t take a speech.

“…European leaders eager to see the peace process move ahead to create a Palestinian state.” Give us all a break. There is no peace process. There is no Palestine interest in a solution other than the elimination of Israel which would please the anti-Semite in the White House and, apparently Ms Kershner.

At what cost, David? Axelrod is not a loose cannon. Obama took a shot very low over Netanyahu’s and Israel’s bow. You and I must continue pressure on the Congress to, in the name of the United States of America, stand with Israel.

The Times got far more ugly on the Times Opinion Page

NY Times opinion Ugly




Israel’s election has done a lot to reveal the challenges facing the country and the intentions of the men who seek to lead it. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s outright rejection of a Palestinian state and his racist rant against Israeli Arab voters on Tuesday showed that he has forfeited any claim to representing all Israelis.

The continuous automatic use of the term “racist” by the left should called what it is—Evil. Prime Minister did not rant. American Liberals, like the Times Editorial Board, do that. Israeli Arabs are the freest Arabs anywhere in the Middle East. That they can vote at all in Israeli elections should earn Israel an international award for courage and trust. The Times Editorial Board and every other Liberal American talker and writer should know that Arabs in Israel belong to political parties clearly self-identified as Arab. Netanyahu was referring to Arab in that context.

There was balanced analysis of this historic election. Here are three that will give you insight as well as clarity. I urge you to read all three.

The Jerusalem Post: If Israelis Voted Their Fears, These Were Not Entirely Irrational Fears, They Were Based on the History of the Region.

COMMENTARY: Netanyahu’s historic Win—And Obama’s Humiliating Loss.

Legal Insurrection: The Gathering Storm Around Israel

For one day I hoped the Israeli election would diminish the ability of Obama to completely destroy the Middle East. Obama can hate and Obama can rage but he and his Regime also act. They are planning a move to create a Palestinian state without Israel and apparently without the Palestinian Authority or Hamas.

The same leftist and anti-Semite New York Times has a major scoop from the Obama Regime. The Regime’s plan is a United Nations Security Council formation of a Palestinian state redrawing Israel’s borders in the process.

I have used tough language for this Regime before. This requires a new a clearer level. Barak Obama and his Regime are evil. Barak Obama and his Regime are lawless. Barak Obama and his Regime are bent on the destruction of Israel, of Western Civilization and the destruction of America herself. If the Congress will not or cannot act, the only hope may be a popular uprising. I have no idea of how that would start or who would lead it. We have been driven to a place we have not been before. I am only clear on one thing concerning this uncharted territory. This Regime is pure evil therefore those who find a place for themselves “on the wall” will be on the side of the God of the universe.

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Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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