I have been a Vikings and NFL fan for 52 years. No NFL receiver impressed me more than The Vikings Hall of Fame receiver Cris Carter. It is not even close.

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Former Minnesota Vikings receiving great Cris Carter was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame Saturday, August 3, 2013. Carter ranks fourth in NFL receiving history. NFL all time statistical leader by a big margin is former Sam Francisco great, Jerry Rice, who is recognized universally as the greatest receiver of all time. That will not and should not change. But Carter did things routinely I’ve never seen any other receiver, including Rice, do.

John Breech, CBS Sports, wrote:

Carter didn’t finish his career with as many records or Super Bowl titles as Rice, but there are some that believe that’s irrelevant and that as far as being a pure receiver goes, Carter is the best to ever play the game.

“If you put Cris Carter with Joe Montana for 15 years, what do you think he would have done?” William White said, via the Akron Beacon Journal. White spent 11-seasons in the NFL and played against both Carter and Rice. White also played against Carter in high school and with him at Ohio State.

While Rice had Montana and Young, Carter went through a span in his career where he had five quarterbacks in five seasons: Warren Moon (1996), Brad Johnson (1997), Randall Cunningham (1998), Jeff George (1999) and Daunte Culpepper (2000). Carter also caught passes from Rich Gannon and Jim McMahon while he was with the Vikings.

“I would rather guard Jerry Rice than Cris Carter,” White said.

Chris Spielman, who also played with Carter at Ohio State and against him several times during a 10-year NFL career, agrees with White.

“I would say he is the best wide receiver I ever played with or played against,” Spielman said. “The guy I knew would never drop a ball. If I saw it going his direction when we were playing the Vikings, I said, ‘Hopefully we’ll knock it down before it gets to him.'”



Carter retired holding 19 Minnesota Vikings team records.

Here are some high points:

  • 122 Receptions in 1994 and again in 1995
  • 244 Receptions in two years most in NFL History
  • 1371 Receiving Yards in 1995
  • 17 Touchdowns in 1995
  • 1st in Receptions in 1994
  • 1st in Receiving TD in 1995(tied), 1997, and 1999
  • 13833 Career Receiving Yards
  • 129 Career Touchdowns
  • 8 Consecutive Years of 1000+ Yards Receiving

Carter was “judged” to have the number 1 greatest hands. You’ll enjoy the presentation:

I know about Wes Welker and I’ve watched Percy Harvin as much as anyone. Cris Carter was no question, hands down, the greatest possession receiver of all time. I do not remember a single time when he caught a third down pass short of the first down marker. There should be a teaching video of Carter making first downs. NFL receivers and coaches would study it as well as college and high school teams. There is a terrific Cris Carter Highlight video. Here it is—enjoy:

Carter’s induction speech was inspiring and emotional, not just for Vikings fans; it will move and inspire everyone who hears it. It is not on You Tube but you can click and watch the entire Cris Carter Hall of fame speech. You will be moved and inspired and do not be surprised to find a deepening of your faith!

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