—and many Americans are ready to hear you speak the truth about Iran and act on what we hear.

When they elected Senator Obama President in 2008, American voters changed the balance of power in the world. President Obama acted quickly to let the British know he didn’t like them and withdrew American missile protection from Eastern Europe before sending Secretary of State Clinton to Russia with a “reset button” for Putin. His actions the first five months in office made clear he had a preference for Islam—especially the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran. The government of Israel was clearly given to understand he despised them.

Fast forward to last fall and early this year as the White House reacted with (it turns out to be false) rage to the announcement that Prime Minister Netanyahu would come and address the Congress March 3rd. In my post January 24th, I wrote, “The headline Friday morning, White House outrage—‘Netanyahu spit in our face and there will be a price to pay,’ is not new outrage by Obama towards Netanyahu and Israel. Notice the term ‘outrage’ was used throughout media reports. Rage is not anger caused by an event. Rage is the explosion of a simmering hate. This is not new for Obama towards Netanyahu and Israel. Rage towards Israel can only be explained by one thing—anti-Semitism.”

False rage? Yes, false rage. The White House was completely successful in launching the false media narrative that Prime Minister Netanyahu violated protocol by not discussing his acceptance to address Congress with President Obama before the announcement. The New York Times issued a correction January 30. President Obama had, in fact, been informed before the public announcement exactly as was done when the Prime Minister was invited in 2011 to addressed Congress.

Except for the leftists led by President Obama, Americans know Israel is as important as any ally. I would go further. A free Israel is essential now and for decades to come as the Middle East is dominated by the Shiah Iran and the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS.

All Republican and most Democrat members of Congress will be on hand at 10:30 Eastern time Tuesday morning to hear this important message from Prime Minister Netanyahu. You can watch it live on CSPAN.

Netanyahu before Congress

Prime Minister Netanyahu is coming to declare to we American citizens and the world that any imminent deal with Iran will spell doom for us all as it is certain to allow Iran to go nuclear. Remember Iran is the world’s number one state sponsor of terrorism. Hezbollah terrorists will destroy Israel with nuclear bombs in a day without Iran firing a single missile. They can soften us up with terrorist delivered small nuclear bombs here. Can you say, “Mall of America?” Remember, once they have attacked us, they don’t care if we retaliate.  Please join me—

Once again, Welcome Mr. Prime Minister. We love Israel and stand with you in this present danger.

About Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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