“Let us together restore the promise of this our beloved, our beautiful, our blessed United States of America.”

Former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina powered her way into the world of Republican and Conservative activists January 24 at the 2015 Iowa Freedom summit. She successfully moved out into the main current of the 2016 Republican Presidential discussion at CPAC 2015. If she is not our choice for President, she is certain to top the list as the Republican candidate for Vice president. Do not be mistaken most observers have noticed the power and credentials she brings and every Republican campaign has noticed—so has Clinton’s. Think of her in the campaign:

“Like Mrs. Clinton, I too have traveled the globe. Unlike Mrs. Clinton, I know that flying is an activity not an accomplishment.” Mrs. Clinton tweets “about women’s rights in this country and takes money from governments that deny women the most basic human rights.”

“While (President Obama speaks) moral equivalence, the world waits for moral clarity and American leadership.” My mother taught me everyone has God given gifts. Everyone has potential—often far more than they realize. I have learned this over and over in my life; from my fellow workers in business to the slums of New Delhi India. I have seen in Norfolk, VA where I distributed diapers to young mothers who had the courage to bring their children into the world. Every life has potential. … Everyone needs a helping hand but no one wants to be trapped in the web of dependence that has been woven for decades in our nation.”

Watch Ms Fiorina skillfully and effectively make the case she is far more experienced than Mrs. Clinton with a record of tremendous accomplishment compared to Mrs. Clinton who has none:

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Richard Johnson: a mature Christian who understands the sweep of history, the unique role of America and these times clearly and precisely.
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